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About CSSE

CSSE is the only database covering the entire academic resources in the field of Humanities and Social Science of China, which is exclusively distributed by DIGITAL MEDIA OF RUC, including:

CSSE Full-text Database

The content of the CSSE Full-text Database are derived from the paper journals of Information Center for Science, RUC, which has collected the essence of nearly 4,000 kinds of humanities and social science academic achievements published in domestic newspapers and journals since the reform and opening up. Sophisticated editors and experts select, classify and compile the journals into the database, establish the “best of the best” database and keep updating.

Features: From the perspective of experts and scholars, according to the rigorous academic standards, the large-scale of academic materials are organized, compiled, classified and edited. so that the database can take the best and provide the academic products of high quality. The database data has a large amount of information with a wide range, so that users can learn the research status related to their own topics and grasp the research trends in the field.

Years of Inclusion: From 1995 to the present. Some topics can been traced back to the its founding.

Digest Database

The Digest Database is a database of the humanities and social science literature excerpts, which collects 14 monographic digests published by Information Center for Science, RUC, with the academic materials refined and enriched by professionals in institutions and universities.

Features: The database briefly extracts the thesis, arguments, and important materials of the literatures, records the scientific achievements, reflects the academic dynamics, and summarizes relevant data. It has a large amount of information with a wide range, so that users can learn the research status related to their own topics and grasp the research trends in the field. Searching through keywords is satisfying the beginners in the social science. While searching through combined logic keywords is satisfying the expert-level with accurate retrieval requirements. The database has unlimited links for classification codes, authors, topics, keywords, journals, and etc.

Years of Inclusion: From 1993 to the present.

Index database

The Index database is a collection of all the bibliographical references in the domestic publications of the humanities and social science since 1978, including following nine categories according to monograph and discipline system, including Politics & Diplomacy, Sociology, Philosophy, Religion, law, Economics & management, Education, history, literature and art, cultural & communication, Geography and etc. More than 7.7 million pieces of data contain a variety of information such as the topic code, category, title, author, original newspaper name and issue date, CSSE subject serial name and frequency of publication.

Features: The Index database plays a key role in the transformation of newspapers and journals from disorder to order and the development and utilization of newspaper resources. The Index database allows users to keep abreast of the research status and hot issues.

Years of Inclusion: From 1978 to the present.

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