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What the Professionals Say

  • China Social Science Excellence offers an interdisciplinary platform and forms an academic community. A pattern for active…

    Gao Qiqi, Dean and professor…

  • China Social Science Excellence provides a platform for scholars to disseminate academic ideas, disseminate academic views…

    Yang Rongjun, Associate Editors-in-Chief…

  • Digital Media of RUC has gathered numerous of directional academic literatures on a large scale, which have become product…

    Wang Qin, Secretary General of China audio-video…

  • Digital Media of RUC plays an important role in the development of science and teaching. I have learned a lot from it.

    Chen Xianda, Chairman of the Academic…

  • Navigator of Academic. Direction of Liberal Arts.

    Miao Guisong, Associate Professor…

  • Collect the essence of resources.Form the character of CSSE.

    Wang Jiguo, Associate Research Fellow…

  • It is the scholars that select the thesis of China Social Science Excellence. The gathering elites makes the authority!

    Chen Yuan, Beijing Normal University

  • Being reprinted by China Social Science Excellence shows excellent academic level.The reprint reflects the extraordinary academic level.

    Wang Ke, Ph. D of Peking University.

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